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Motivating Your Team through Executive Coaching, Team Building and Keynote Speeches

Customers report 200-6600% ROI by working with us | 30,000+ leaders on 5 continents have profited from our system since 2008

Team Building


Eric Paul, Exec. Director Exec. Talent Solutions, Dell

Here is one quote we got right as the event ended - and praise does NOT come easily in this culture: 'Great session. One of the best I have had the pleasure of attending in my time at Dell and very pertinent at this time of challenge.

Ensure executives are successful with their teams!

  • Evaluate Talent
  • Smooth merger and acquisition integration
  • Facilitate rapid growth
  • Address change overload
  • Recharge team morale
  • Overcome resistance to reorganization
  • Stop leadership communication gaps
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Executive Coaching

Josephine Fubara, PhD, Global R&D Lead, Pfizer

I wanted to personally thank you for a great session over the last 2 days. It was cathartic, allowed us to be introspective and to really understand how we might support one another. We achieved a lot given the feedback from multiple folks.

PeopleNRG helps executives get the best from their teams!

  • Accelerate results
  • Turn potential into profit
  • Gain commitment to new vision
  • Refocus and re-energize teams
  • Galvanize creativity
  • Create a problem-solving culture
  • Overcome conflict
  • Fortify team spirit
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Joanna Lipper, Director of Communications CANBERRA

Lawrence's combination of personal stories and physically engaging activities really helped the group to view change in a more positive and opportunistic way. The next day, many people were using his concept of "why", including our CEO in his wrap-up comments.

PeopleNRG helps executives get the best from their teams!

  • Inspire action
  • Rally team spirit
  • Share best practices leaders love
  • Stay up to date on latest research
  • Change attitudes
  • Open minds to new ideas
  • Get to know colleagues from a different perspective

About PeopleNRG

  • Lawrence Polsky and Antoine Gerschel are experts in team building, and are Managing Partners of PeopleNRG. Leadership and team building is all about creating a dynamic team that works well together and capitalizes on each team member's knowledge, talents and abilities. Often communication between a leader and his team gets compromised in service to reaching the goals of the company. Another crucial thing that leaders sometimes miss is how to use their teams’ talents to capacity by creating a synergy between their team members that enhances each person’s exceptional qualities.

  • Once this happens, the productivity of the team can skyrocket beyond expectations —and frequently does with our guidance. Our foolproof team building methodology consists of five failsafe practices to insure rapid, lasting results during any kind of loss of productivity or corporate changeover either internally or externally imposed. Our proven team building activities have a track record of success in creating effective communication between leaders and their teams in 5 continents with over 60,000 leaders.

  • We have in-depth experience and an outstanding track record of fast, sustained results with Healthcare & Life sciences, High Tech, Government, Manufacturing, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, and energy. Some companies have enjoyed a return on investment (ROI) as high as 6600%! We start with a comprehensive interview and assessment process for the leader and his teams which gives us a clear view of team and leadership style strengths, challenges, obstacles, and bottlenecks. Then we ferret out anything not unearthed during the leadership and team interviews and assessment. Through both individual and group interviews no stone is left unturned.

  • Finally we bring the team and their leader together in a one to two day team building event to discuss our findings and open the doors of communication. The true stories emerge and create a pathway to understanding and cooperation. This event, which is filled with fun and team building, inspires closeness and solidifies a great working environment.

  • We often do executive coaching after the event to deepen the progress of the leader. This leadership coaching involves giving the leader input on how to adapt their leadership style to best fit the needs of the team, In three to six months we return to complete a team building review: